our Story

EST. 2017

Barb Loar and Amy Miller…We are retired public educators, but more importantly, good friends who love an adventure and are grounded by bringing good things to others and helping those around us. We believe that you can love your work ESPECIALLY when it helps someone else, even in a small way. Barb’s love and knowledge of flowers and my willingness to say “WE CAN DO THIS!” is how Sensible Goat Farms became our new adventure. We are committed to helping YOU create joy and beauty through our flowers.

We have lovingly, yep lovingly, dug up an old, unused horse pasture that was a goldmine of rich soil. We poured over catalogs of seeds, visited neighboring farms, and attended classes in the hopes that we could produce beautiful flowers in a safe and environmentally supportive method that people would love AND love giving to others.

Our specialty is in mixing and pairing the old (lots of repurposed supplies) with the promise of something new. We take old, discarded jars and fill them with fragrant, lush, freshly picked flowers and herbs. We grow and use pumpkins as containers for the beautiful blooms of fall. OH, and we purchase wood from the ReStore (Habitat for Humanity), located on Westerville Road and stencil boards with words of inspiration, whimsy, and joy.

AND THE GOATS…As you walk towards the half acre of beautiful blooms, you are greeted by the resident goats and inspiration for our name, Brownie and Sunny Loar. You are then followed by the supervising chickens, looking for a special treat of Cheezits or the remains of an energy bar. They have earned their way with pest management and assistance during the long hours of weeding. Upon entering the weathered white fence, you are welcomed by nodding sunflowers, a rainbow of zinnias, and the scent of basil.

We have a special place in our hearts for sunflowers. The first year we thought we were “all that and a bag of chips” when the 2 rows of sunflowers came up. We were overwhelmed with our success in growing these beauties in year 2 and can’t wait to get planting this spring. Flowers help us experience so many emotions. They remind us that each season has a purpose, that each tiny seed can provide a grand experience for someone, and that each weed, bug, and drop of water belongs in the field. Flowers can speak an important, heart-felt message to just about anyone.

We are committed to helping you share your message through our flowers.