Frequently asked questions

Are you organic?

No, we do not have the certification “organic”. We do not use any pesticides (not that we haven’t been tempted…). Our fertilizer is from the goat and chicken stalls and from the horse stalls down the road.

If we add dirt, we purchase from local vendors - Mulch 1st, Mulch of Ohio, and Price Farms. Wood chips for our paths was donated by Bryant’s Tree Company.

Do you have a goat farm? 

Sorry - no goat farm. Just two very happy and spoiled goats - Brownie and Sunny Loar. We have friendly chickens and possibly the nicest barn cat ever.

Do you provide flowers for weddings?

Hmmm…not usually. We do not order any flowers and only grow blooms during the frost free months of June-October. We are able to accommodate VERY SMALL weddings with a limited number of bouquets or stems for DIY brides/grooms to be. Just contact us with your plan and we will promptly let you know if we can accommodate your plans.